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          英語 中文
          variety of container 集裝箱種類
          air container 貯氣容器,空氣瓶,儲氣罐,航空集裝箱
          air conditioned container 空氣調節集裝箱
          air mode container 航空集裝箱
          air freight container 空運集裝箱
          all container ship 全集裝箱
          aluminum container 鋁制集裝箱
          aluminum dry cargo container 鋁制干貨柜
          amphibious container 水陸聯運集裝箱,水陸兩用集裝箱
          animal container 動物集裝箱
          auto container 汽車貨柜,汽車集裝箱
          automobile container 汽車集裝箱,汽車裝運框架
          baby container 小型集裝船
          bag container 袋式集裝箱
          belly container 空運集裝箱,機腹集裝箱,機腹式集裝箱
          book shipping container 預定船運集裝箱
          box container 盒式集裝箱
          bulge container 散貨集裝箱
          built-in type reefer container 自帶凍機冷藏集裝箱
          bulk cargo container 散裝集裝箱
          bulk container 散裝貨集裝箱,散裝貨箱,散裝集裝箱,散粒物容器
          bulk discharge open top container 敞頂散貨集裝箱
          bulk liquid container 液體貨集裝箱,集裝箱罐柜
          car container 汽車集裝箱
          clip on type reefer container 外接冷氣式冷藏集裝箱
          closed box container 封閉式集裝箱
          closed container 密閉容器,封閉式集裝箱
          closed container mechanically ventilated 封閉式機械通風集裝箱
          closed van type container 封閉式集裝箱
          closed ventilated container 閉式通風集裝箱
          collapsible container 可折疊的集裝箱(FR框架),可折疊貨柜,可折式集裝箱,可拆裝的集裝箱
          collapsed container 折疊式集裝箱
          combination container 組合集裝箱
          composite material container 混合材料集裝箱
          composite wood and fiberboard container 木板、纖維板合制集裝箱
          Conex Container 康乃克斯集裝箱
          container(CTN) 集裝箱、容器、外殼、包裝
          container 20 footer 20 英尺的集裝箱
          container carried in holds 艙內運裝的集裝箱
          container seaworthiness 適航集裝箱
          contoured container 特型集裝箱
          corrugated container 槽型壁集裝箱
          cross section container 斷面集裝箱
          conventional enclosed container 封閉型集裝箱
          covered container 有蓋集裝箱
          dangerous goods container (DG container) 危險品箱
          deck container 甲板集裝箱
          demountable container 可拆集裝箱
          dress hanger container 掛式集裝箱
          dry cargo container 普通集裝箱、干貨集裝箱、雜貨集裝箱
          dry container 干貨集裝箱
          dry freight container 干貨集裝箱
          emergency living container 應急生活集裝箱
          enclosed container 封閉型集裝箱
          enclosed small container 封閉式小集裝箱
          express shipment container 快件集裝箱
          exterior post type container 外柱式集裝箱
          fiberboard container 以纖維板及硬化紙板為主制造的集裝箱
          fiberglass reinforced plastic container 用纖維玻璃和聚酯強化板制造的集裝箱
          flat bed container 平床貨柜,平床式集裝箱
          flat rack container 框架集裝箱
          flat rack folding container 平架集裝箱
          flexible intermediate bulk container 可調式聯運散貨集裝箱
          floating barge container 浮駁集裝箱
          floating container 漂浮貨柜,浮式集裝箱,流動集裝箱
          flow van container 散裝貨集裝箱
          fluid tank container 流體集裝箱
          folding container 折疊式集裝箱
          free flowing bulk material container 散裝粉狀貨集裝箱
          freight container 貨運集裝箱,物集裝箱
          frozen products container 冷貨集裝箱
          frozen products insulated container 泠凍集裝箱
          fruit container 鮮果集裝箱
          garment container 服裝集裝箱
          general cargo container 雜貨集裝箱
          general container 普通集裝箱
          general purpose container(GP container) 一般用途貨柜,通用集裝箱,多用途集裝箱
          glass fibre reinforced plastic container 玻璃鋼制集裝箱
          half height container 半高集裝箱
          hard top container (頂開式集裝箱之一種)硬頂式集裝箱
          high cube container 高集裝箱
          high cubic container 特大型集裝箱
          hide container 獸皮集裝箱
          hopper container 漏斗貨柜,漏斗式集裝箱
          horse stall container 馬廄集裝箱
          insulated container 絕熱集裝箱,保溫集裝箱,保溫貨柜
          international marine container 國際海運集裝箱
          inter modal container 聯運集裝箱
          interior post container 內柱式集裝箱
          interior post type container 內柱式集裝箱
          ISO container 國際標準化組織集裝箱
          lapsable container 可拆裝的集裝箱,可折疊貨柜,固定可折疊容器
          liquid cargo container 液體貨物集裝箱
          liquid bulk container 液體集裝箱
          live stock container 裝牲畜用集裝箱
          master container 主集裝箱,總容器,外容器
          mechanical refrigerator container 機械冷藏集裝箱
          metal container 金屬容器,金屬集裝箱
          metal mesh container 金屬網集裝箱
          mixed container 混合集裝箱
          monocoque container 薄殼式集裝箱
          nesting type container 套裝式集裝箱
          new container 新集裝箱
          non-captive container 非限定集裝箱
          non-collapsible container 固定型集裝箱,非可折疊的集裝箱
          non-insulated container 非隔熱集裝箱
          non-standardized container 非標準化集裝箱
          normally insulated container 標準保溫集裝箱
          nuclear container ship 核集裝箱船
          offshore container 近海集裝箱
          open container 開敞集裝箱
          open side container 側壁敞開式集裝箱
          open top container 開頂集裝箱,開蓋集裝箱
          open topped container 頂開集裝箱
          ordinary container 普通集裝箱
          other composite material container 復合材料集裝箱
          outside post container 外柱式集裝箱
          outside post type container 外柱式集裝箱
          over sea's container 海上運輸集裝箱
          over dimension container 超規格集裝箱
          pallet size container 貨盤形集裝箱
          pen container 運送牲畜集裝箱,牲畜貨柜,動物集裝箱,牲畜集裝箱
          plastic container 塑料集裝箱,塑性容器,塑料容器
          Platform Based Container 平臺式集裝箱
          platform container (PF)臺架式集裝箱,平臺集裝箱,平板箱
          plywood container 膠合板集裝箱,纖維膠合板集裝箱
          reefer container 冷藏集裝箱
          refrigerated container (RF) 冷藏箱
          refrigerated container 冷藏集裝箱
          reusable container 可再用的容器;可反復使用的容器或集裝箱
          rigid container 固定式集裝箱,硬質容器
          safe container 安全集裝箱
          semi-container 半集裝箱
          sealed container 氣密封罐,密封容器,密閉集裝箱
          special container 特種集裝箱,特殊容器,專用集裝箱
          semi container ship 半集裝箱船;半貨柜船,部分集裝箱船
          shipping container 運輸用集裝箱,裝運容器,貨運包裝
          ship's container 船用集裝箱
          shipper loaded container 貨主自裝集裝箱
          shipper's own container 發貨人備集裝箱
          Shippers Packed Container 托運人裝箱
          shipping and storage container 海運和貯存的集裝箱
          side door container 側門集裝箱,側開門集裝箱
          single trip container 不回收的箱、不回收集裝箱
          small container 小型集裝船,小容器,小型集裝船
          smooth panel container 內柱式集裝箱
          soft top container 軟頂式集裝箱
          solid bulk container 固體散貨集裝箱;散貨集裝箱
          special type container 特種形式集裝箱
          specific cargo container 特種貨物集裝箱
          special type container (如壓縮裝貨的)特種形式集裝箱
          standard 20-feet container 20英尺標準集裝箱
          standard container 標準集裝箱,標準容器
          standardized container 標準式集裝箱
          steel container 鋼制集裝箱
          steel dry cargo container 鋼制干貨集裝箱
          stainless steel Container 不銹鋼制集裝箱
          stowable cargo container 裝載式貨物集裝箱
          tank container 油罐集裝箱,罐式集裝箱,桶狀貨柜,液體集裝箱,液貨集裝箱
          thermal container 熱保溫集裝箱,冷藏集裝箱,保溫集裝箱
          thermostat container 恒溫集裝箱
          tight metal container 緊閉金屬容器,緊閉金屬集裝箱
          tilting container 傾斜集裝箱
          tinned iron container 鍍錫鐵皮容器或集裝箱
          tippable container 可傾翻集裝箱
          trailer-mounted container 拖車載運的集裝箱
          trans-container 跨國跨海集裝箱
          universal container 通用集裝箱
          unsafe container 不安全集裝箱
          ventilated container 通風集裝箱,通風式集裝箱
          van (freight) container 大型集裝箱
          watertight container 水密集裝箱
          wood container 木制集裝箱
          van container 牽引車車廂型集裝箱
          vehicle rack container 汽車集裝箱
          vulcanized fiber container 硬質纖維板集裝箱
          base 底結構
          bend 彎曲
          bottom end rail 下端架
          bottom side rail 下桁材
          bow 壓彎
          bull ring(D Ring) 箱內穩貨環
          cable sealing devices 繩纜式箱封設備
          can lock bracket 門鎖桿凸輪座
          container 集裝箱、容器、外殼、包裝
          container air duct system 集裝箱空氣導管系統
          container bale capacity 集裝箱內部容積
          container cell 集裝箱井型架
          container cell guide system 集裝箱格導系統
          container central fan system 集裝箱集中風扇系統
          container cleaning 洗箱
          container control system 集裝箱管理系統;集裝箱控制系統
          container corner seating 集裝箱角配件
          container cubic 集裝箱容量
          container deck 集裝箱甲板
          container derrick 集裝箱吊桿
          container dimensions 集裝箱尺寸
          container disposition system 集裝箱配置系統
          container equipment data exchange 集裝箱設備數字交換
          container examination system 集裝箱檢測系統
          container feet 集裝箱底角
          container fixing device 集裝箱(在裝車時)的加固器具
          container guide 集裝箱導軌裝置
          container handling information system 集裝箱管理信息系統
          container head 箱頭
          container height 集裝箱高度
          container hold 集裝箱艙
          container individual fan system 集裝箱分散風扇系統
          container internal volume 集裝箱內容積
          container lashing 集裝箱捆索
          container lashing and securing device 集裝箱緊固裝置
          container length 集裝箱長度
          container load 整箱集裝箱的荷載;集裝箱荷載量
          container load weight 集裝箱載重量
          container maintenance 集裝箱維修
          container material 容器材料
          container No. 箱號
          container rock 儲層
          container room 集裝箱艙
          container Ro-Ro-lashing securing 集裝箱滾裝系索和固定器材
          container securing 集裝箱固定系統
          container ship refrigeration 集裝箱船制冷裝置
          container socket 集裝箱承座
          container spray 集裝箱安全殼噴淋
          container standard 集裝箱標準
          container standardization 集裝箱標準化
          container standards 集裝箱標準規格
          container weight 集裝箱重量
          container width 集裝箱寬度
          container’s internal dimensions 集裝箱內尺寸
          container’s overall external dimensions 集裝箱外尺寸
          container’s unobstructed capacity 集裝箱內容積
          corner fitting 角件
          corner flitting 角配件
          corner post 角柱
          cracked 裂痕
          cross member 底梁
          dent 凹進
          door cross member 門根條
          door edge member 門底緣材
          door hinge 門鎖鏈
          door holder 門鉤
          door holder 門構扣槽
          door licking handle 門把手
          door lock rd 門鎖桿
          door meander 門媚
          door sheet 門板
          door sill 門欄
          dunnage lumber 墊料
          efficient of container 箱容系數
          end door 端門
          end frame 端框架
          end post 端柱
          end wall 端壁,側墻
          equipment control (E/C) 箱管
          Euro pallet 歐(洲)式托盤(800mm X 1200mm)
          floor 底板
          fork pockets 叉孔
          forty-foot containers. 40英尺標箱
          front lining 端壁內襯板
          front sheet 端壁板
          frozen (FRZ) 冰凍
          handle lock 把手鎖件
          heated (HTD) 加熱
          horizontal container coupler 集裝箱水平連接裝置
          inside dimension (I.D.) 箱內尺碼
          inside measurement 箱內尺碼
          ISO Standard for Container 國際標準集裝箱規格
          lock door cam 門鎖桿凸輪
          locking cam keeper of container end frame 集裝箱端架鎖凸輪桿插座
          normal / chemical wash 清洗/化學清洗
          reefer draws power (手提式/輕便) 冷箱發電機
          roof 箱頂
          roof bows 頂板梁
          roof sheet 頂板
          seal metal strip 箱封
          side frame 例框架
          side lining 側壁內襯板
          side post 側壁柱
          side sheet 側壁板
          side wall 端墻/側墻,側壁
          slip sheet 活動隔板
          spigot of container 集裝箱塞
          standard container fittings 標準集裝箱配件
          standard pallet 標準托盤(1000mm X 1200mm)
          strength of container 集裝箱強度
          tare weight (TW) 箱子皮重
          temperature and humidity. 箱體內氣體、溫度、濕度調控
          temperature controlled container list 集裝箱溫度控制表
          top end rail 上端架
          type of container 箱尺碼,集裝箱規格
          upper side rail 上桁材
          ventilated (VEN) 通風
          weight of empty containe (TARE WEIGHT, TW) 箱子皮重